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Roadmap for Enhanced Languages and Methods to Aid Verification

Leavens, G. T., Abrial, J. R., Batory, D., Butler, M., Coglio, A., Fisler, K., Hehner, E., Jones, C. B., Miller, D., Peyton-Jones, S., Sitaraman, M., Smith, D. R. and Stump, A. (2006) Roadmap for Enhanced Languages and Methods to Aid Verification. In Proceedings of Generative Programming and Component Engineering, 5th International, Portland, Oregon.


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This roadmap describes ways that researchers in four areas — speci-
fication languages, program generation, correctness by construction, and
programming languages — might help further the goal of verified software.
It also describes what advances the “verified software” grand challenge
might anticipate or demand from work in these areas. That is,
the roadmap is intended to help foster collaboration between the grand
challenge and these research areas.
A common goal for research in these areas is to establish language
designs and tool architectures that would allow multiple annotations and
tools to be used on a single program. In the long term, researchers could
try to unify these annotations and integrate such tools.


  • Gary T. Leavens
  • Jean-Raymond Abrial
  • Don Batory
  • Michael Butler
  • Alessandro Coglio
  • Kathi Fisler
  • Eric Hehner
  • Cliff B. Jones
  • Dale Miller
  • Simon Peyton-Jones
  • Murali Sitaraman
  • Douglas R. Smith
  • Aaron Stump


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