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WP1 – Research drivers

Objectives: This workpackage plays the central role in RODIN since it will
• drive the development of the methodology of WP2, validate it and evaluate its cost-effectiveness via the dedicated metrics established in WP7
• consolidate the efforts of partners in development of unified methodology
• provide the feedback to the open platform developed in WP3
• set requirements, guide the development and assess plug-ins developed in WP4

WP2 – Methodology

Objectives. This workpackage will produce the RODIN methodology for rigorous development of complex systems.

WP3 – Open tool kernel

Objectives: The intent of this workpackage is to develop some basic kernel tools implemented on a certain platform container that can be extended by the plug-ins being developed in WP4.

WP4 – Modelling and verification plug-ins

Objectives: This workpackage will develop a range of tools to support the application of the RODIN methodology being developed in WP2. These tools will integrate with open tools kernel being developed in WP3. Early versions of the tools will be tested through application to the case studies of WP1, leading to improvements in functionality and design in the tools.

WP5 – Dissemination and exploitation

Objectives: The goal of this workpackage is to manage the diffusion of the information and to make precise the exploitation plan of the outcomes of the project, mainly the open platform.

WP6 – Project Management

The RODIN Executive Board, chaired by the Project Coordinator will guide the overall conduct of the project, setting overall technical goals, coordinating and reviewing technical progress, revising the project plan as necessary, ensuring the timeliness and quality of the deliverables, and developing an exploitation plan.

WP7 – Project Review and Assessment

Objectives: The purpose of this Workpackage is to ensure that the intermediate project results and deliverables are correctly aligned to the overall objectives of the RODIN project and that there is no drift away from these objectives during the lifetime of the project.

RODIN Project Description of Work

The RODIN Description of Work (Annex 1) can be downloaded here.