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RODIN Project Workshop - Newcastle University (4-6 October 2004)

Workshop Programme

Day 1
Session 1
Session 2
Welcome and general introductions

WP 1 Research Drivers (Aabo)

WP 2 Methodology (Newcastle)

WP 3 Open Tool Kernel (ClearSy)

WP 4 Modelling and Verification Plug ins (Soton)

WP 5 Dissemination and Exploitation(ClearSy)

WP 7 Project Review and Assesment(Praxis)

Day 2

Session 3
Session 4
Case Study 1 (Nokia)
Formal approaches to Protocol Engineering

Case Study 2 (VTEC)
Engine failure management system

Case Study 3 (Nokia)
Formal techniques within an MDA context
Case Study 4 (Praxis)
CDIS ATC display system

Case Study 5 (Newcastle)
Ambient Campus
Session 5 (Technical presentations) Session 6 (Technical presentations)
Linas Laibinis "Fault Tolerance in a Layered Architecture" (Aabo)

Jean Raymond Abrial "Event B" (ETHZ)

Michael Leuschel "ProB model checker" (Soton)

Joey Coleman "BPEL’s Thread Model in SOS" (Ncl)

Colin Snook "Modelling fault management in
" (Soton)

Victor Khomenko "Branching Processes of High-Level Petri Nets" (Ncl)

Elena Troubitsyna "Refinement of Fault Tolerant Control Systems in B" (Aabo)

Jean Raymond Abrial "Requirements Documents" (ETHZ)